So you have been looking at homes for a while now and you have finally found THE ONE! You are probably feeling a little scared but also excited at the same time which is totally normal. Thankfully you have been working with a wonderful agent and together you make a great combination. Here are some great pointers to keep in mind:

Learn all you can

Ask questions such as: How long has the home been on the market? Are there any other offers on the table? Why is the seller selling?

Review comps

Your agent should send you comps of recent sales to review and compare. Comps tell about the most recent market and what current buyers/sellers have agreed on for a sales price.

Give your lender another Call

Let him know you plan to make an offer on the home. Have him issue another pre-approval letter if necessary. Make sure no major changes in terms have taken place since your initial pre-approval since these are subject to change.

Discuss terms

Not only is price a factor when making an offer, there are also terms. How long do you need for inspections? How soon can you close? Do you have a contingency? Terms can make or break a deal.

There will be other houses

Rarely does a buyer score the first house they make an offer on. It’s not the end of the world, there will be other homes. Keep the faith that the right home will come along and it will!

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