Real Estate is LOCAL

If you've had any conversations recently about the real estate market... you've probably mainly heard some bad news. "The real estate market is going to crash."
"We're in a bubble".
And just recently, someone asked me if I've been seeing homes "sell well below asking price".
Let me make one thing clear: REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL.
For example, I know an agent in AZ who told me recently that their inventory is way up and they now have months worth of inventory and prices are falling.
Here in Navarro County? That's not the case. Our inventory is rising but the prices have been stable.
So, remember, real estate is local. And if you have any questions about the market here in Navarro County, I recommend asking a LOCAL real estate expert.
I'd be happy to be that person for you. 🙂
eXp Realty

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