A lot of folks are kicking tires about buying/selling

A lot of folks are kickin' tires about buying or selling right now. But I've got good news: The truth is that the market is already shifting. As a full-time Realtor, I can feel it. In fact, here are 3 things buyers can ask for today that they couldn't have just 30 days ago:

1) Seller credits. These can be used to lower the rates, if that's a concern, or to help with closing costs.

2) Inspections & repairs. Buyers don't have to buy homes blindly anymore. Believe it or not, they can actually inspect the home and possibly ask for repairs -- especially if the home has been on the market for a bit.

3) Ask for an appraisal and no appraisal gap requirements. Pay the value of the home, not $10k or $20k over just because there are multiple offers!

Now, each individual home is different. Some sellers are stuck in what the market used to be like 12 to 18 months ago. So make sure your agent is experienced and can package these items carefully, so as not to turn them off.

There are actually some great deals to be had out there right now. If you gave up a few months ago, consider getting back into the market. A lot has changed in the last 30 days and there's finally some relief from the last 2 years of craziness.

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in knowing more about homes for sale here in Corsicana.

- Leslie

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