I won't sugarcoat it

I think we're all adults, so I'm not going to sugarcoat this: Homeowners, you can't sell your house "as is" and get top dollar anymore. Last week, I met with a Corsicana homeowner to discuss listing their home and at first, they didn't like what I had to say. Long story short, their house needed some work.
After all, homes in Corsicana ARE in demand and selling relatively quickly. But here's what I wanted them to understand: by taking a day or two and knocking these to-do's out, they could MAXIMIZE the offers they ARE going to get. If spending a weekend picking up your home could mean getting a couple more thousand on an offer, it's worth it.
Sure, they absolutely could list the home as is, without putting any work into it, but that also means they could miss out on some offers. Here's what I mean:
1. There was no curb appeal. Bushes in the yard were overgrown and the front porch was sprinkled with dirt and old leaves.
2. The inside was a bit cluttered. They had filled their home with fantastic memories, but they were THEIR memories, not those of potential buyers.
3. The spare bedroom was a "catch-all room," you know, the spot where you drop everything and "get to it later."
4. The kitchen counter was littered with a toaster, a KitchenAid mixer, utensils, cookbooks, and baking ingredients.
Here's what I advised them:
1. Pick up the sticks, cut back the bushes, and run a broom over the front porch (better yet, spray it down once you are done!).
2. Take your photos off the wall. Place them in a box since you'll be moving anyways (get ahead of the game)!
3. Clean out the spare bedroom. Take that day and go through those items you always said you would. Drop stuff off at a donation center, toss it, or package it up.
4. Put all those kitchen items in the cupboards. Clean counters are better than cluttered ones.
So, if you are looking for a Realtor who doesn't "sugarcoat" it, I'd be happy to stop by and help you get your home ready. I want to get top dollar for YOU.
- Leslie
eXp Realty, LLC

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